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  • Spril Hose Clamp

Spril Hose Clamp

  • Product Item : Spril Hose Clamp
  • Category: Hose Clamp
  • Size: 1" to 13"
  • Material : Galvanized Steel & Stainless Steel
  • Type : turn left , turn right
Product Description:

Hose clamps prevent the joints from coming off. Hose clamps, serving as fasteners, are used for gas appliances or any other places where rubber hoses are used. Materials of hose clamps are various; stainless steel, steel, plastic resin, etc. Since some are used with water, the mainstream types are resistant to rust and have high tolerance against deterioration. In addition, one of the features is that there are a variety of types to fit the size and thickness of the hose to be fixed. Consider durability and strength as reference to determine the hose clamp you need.

Material : ●  Galvanized Steel & Stainless Steel

Size Range : ●   1" to 13"

Type: Turn Left , Turn Right

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