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  • 16-12-28
    The camlock hose fitting is the best priced of all the quick connect fittings available and widely used in Australia. This type of quick connection comprises two separate parts that couple together and are used to connect hose ends, tubes & pipes.
  • 17-02-06
    The camlock coupling is used as a fast and convenient connection technique for hoses and pipes, and just as rapidly disconnect them. All our Cam and Groove Couplings are manufactured according to the MIL & DIN specification which ensures a secure fit between the Male Grooved Adapter and the Female Coupler part with the lever arms. When selecting an appropriate Camlock for your usage requirements i
  • 17-07-02
    Pin Lug Hose Couplings are an economical and convenient coupling set for light duty liquid suction and discharge applications.
  • 18-03-06
    Whipcheck Safety Cable Manufacturer ,Hoses can whip if they become accidentally uncoupled or tear away from the fitting . Whipchecks act to control whipping in the event of a failure.
  • 18-09-17
    Working pressures may vary with type and clamping system used to install couplings. Combination Nipples are recommended for low pressure discharge and suction service for compatible liquids. NOT for compressible products such as Air, Nitrogen and Steam.
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