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Carbon Steel Flanges

What is carbon steel flange?

Carbon steel flanges are widely used in high demand due to its excellent features like corrosion resistance, excellent durability and finishing is good. These are used in industries like petrochemical, chemical, power, agriculture and many other. Carbon Steel Flanges   Manufacturers In India. CS Flange Material Stockist.

What are carbon steel flanges used for?
Flanges are useful to connect valves, pumps, and pipes for the piping system. There are different types of flanges like welded, lap joints, blinds, and many others. The use of carbon steel flanges is widely high in demand.

What types of the carbon steel flanges ?

●  Welding Neck Flanges

●  Slip on Flanges

●  Socket Weld Flanges

●  Lap Joint Flanges

●  Threaded Flanges

●  Blind Flanges

Standard :

● ANSI : Class 150 Flanges-Class 2500 Flanges

● DIN : 6Bar , 10Bar ,16Bar , 25Bar , 40Bar

● JIS : 5K Flanges , 20K Flanges

● UNI : 6Bar , 10Bar ,16Bar , 25Bar , 40Bar

● EN : 6Bar , 10Bar ,16Bar , 25Bar , 40Bar

● GB : 6Bar , 10Bar ,16Bar , 25Bar , 40Bar

● SABS : T1000/3 T1600/3 T2500/3 T4000/3

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