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Where you can find the Cam and Groove Couplings?

Camlock couplings facilitate the transfer of commodities between two hoses or pipes. They are also called cam and groove couplings.

They are simple to connect and disconnect, requiring no tools. They can eliminate the need for some time-consuming traditional connections, such as prevalent on other couplings for hoses and pipes. Their versatility, combined with the fact that they are comparatively inexpensive, makes them the most popular couplings in the world.

You can usually find Camlocks in use within every industry, such as manufacturing, agriculture, oil, gas, chemical, pharmaceuticals, and military applications.This coupling is exceptionally versatile. Because it does not use threads, there are no issues with it getting dirty or damaged. Because of this, Camlock couplings are perfect for dirty environments. These couplings are incredibly well suited for situations in which there is a requirement for frequent hose changes, such as petroleum and industrial chemical trucks.

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