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Pin Lug Threaded Couplings

Pin Lug Hose Couplings are an economical and convenient coupling set for light duty liquid suction and discharge applications. A seal is obtained when the female swivel is threaded completely onto the male, seating at the gasket. The pin lugs can easily be tightened by hand or with a spanner wrench (smaller sizes have lug on female side only).

The standard pin lug hose coupling thread is NPSH, which is a straight pipe thread (no taper). Because there is no taper, the female will swivel onto the male until it bottoms out against the washer, pulling the coupling set tight to form a seal. The female NPSH thread coupling will mate with a standard male NPT. The male NPSH pin lug will not mate with a female NPT. NST/NH fire hose thread is also offered in select sizes. These couplings are best suited for outdoor water service. Do not use where a leak can be hazardous or costly.

Not for Compressed Air / Gas Applications

Sets can be broken, order as male, female, or set

Male and female shank available in Aluminum

Female swivel nut available in Brass

Thread type is NPSH – straight thread non-tapered (washer seal)

Female NPSH will mate with male NPSH or male NPT couplings

The male coupling half will only thread to straight female (NPSH), for a more versatile hose assembly, select the female from this set and the kc nipple for a male NPT coupling which will mate to NPSH as well as other NPT fittings.

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