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  • Suction Foot Valve

Suction Foot Valve

Product Description:

We carry assembled cast iron threaded foot valves ranging from 1 1/2” to 4”  female threads in a red paint.
The purpose of a foot valve is to maintain pump prime between pumping cycles.

The strainer prevents debris from entering the piping system and causing a clog.

Foot valves are designed for use in irrigation and other pumping applications where water may be dirty due to suspended silt and sand.

Description :  Heavy and Robust Cast Iron Construction, painted red.

                         Complete with built in strainer firmly connected with plated Steel nuts and bolts.

                         Female Thread.

Material : Cast Iron

Size Range : ●  1-1/2" , 2" , 2-1/2" , 3" , 4 " ,6" , 8"

Color : Red

Replacement parts : Flapper , Seat Plate , Strainer , Valve

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