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Basket StrainerBasket Strainer

Basket Strainer

Product Description:

These Suction Hose Strainers or Pump Suction Strainers are also called Basket Strainers. They have Female Threads and therefore screw neatly into the Male Threads of Hoses. They are used when foot valves are not required and are designed to install onto the submerged end of a suction hose and help prevent debris from entering the suction pump. They are the premium Zinc Plate Steel version that provides additional rust and corrosion resistance.

Description :  Cylindrical Basket Shaped with round holes also referred to as basket strainers.

                         The top of the basket cylinder is threaded with Female Standard Straight Thread

                         The basket is perforated with holes usually 1/2" in diameter.

Material : Zinc Plated Steel

Size Range : ● 1" , 1-1/2" , 2" , 2-1/2" , 3" , 4 " ,6" , 8"

Thread : NPMS ( NPS ) / BSPP

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